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Vervesemi Data converters for 5G applications Now Available on 8nm Process

Greater Noida, India, March 25, 2020 – Vervesemi Microelectronics, a leading fabless company for providing ASIC and Analog IPs, today announced availability of 5G ADC and DAC in 8nm process node. Vervesemi has developed 12b 4Gsps ADC and 14b 4Gsps DAC catering to upcoming market for 5G application.

These data converters are backup by patents and has special techniques for calibration. These Data converters are one of the industry known lowest power solutions. The architecture is scalable for sampling frequency and power is scalable for data rates up to 4Gbps.

ADIQ12B4G08NLL is a Dual channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates up to 4.0 GS/s. The data converter calibration algorithms track PVT variations and is Self-calibrating ADC with offset, gain and skew errors calibration, hence delivering high performances yet with low power

DAIQ14CS4G08NLL is high performance 14b current steering IQDAC that supports data rate up-to 4Gsps. It has in-built mismatch, Self-Calibration for excellent linearity to provide excellent static and dynamic linearity performance. The patented algorithm improves the dynamic performance by whopping 12dB. And put it in category of best known performance and Ultra low power.

In 2019, Vervesemi is one of the first company to have silicon qualified ultra low power and high performance data converters available in 28nm Technology catering to 5G applications and is serving customer for various applications. Vervesemi has been achieving the spree of first time silicon success solution and adding value to customer products in a big way.

5G ADC in 8nm IP Cores, 5G DAC in 8nm IP Cores

These categories of data converters find applications in Wideband RF Receiver, Industrial Instrumentation, Radar, Electronic surveillance and 5G application

Rakesh Malik, CEO at Vervesemi Microelectronics, said, “These high speed data converters are the essential building block for 5G networks. By leveraging the low power and patents, customers can receive superior system performance and built Ultra low power solution. We will continue to facilitate complex high performance 5G systems/base stations including surveillance for customers.”

About Vervesemi Microelectronics PVT LTD

Vervesemi is a fabless semiconductor company incorporated in 2017 and developing high performance ASICs for sensors and wireless, exploiting the expertise of state-of-art data converters and differentiated Analog IP. We are team of analog and RF experts developing Analog solution for semiconductor world. It is a company with high innovation quotient formed by management & technologist having vast experience in semiconductor business.

Vervesemi commits to develop innovative products and analog IP solution for various semiconductor applications market such as Energy, 5G market, ADAS, Medical, consumer, and Smart Power. Vervesemi focus is on breakthrough innovations in high end analog and RF market through state of art designs and significantly differentiated PPA. Vervesemi is developing ASIC for 5G business and Precision analog front end IC for seismic business. Vervesemi has silicon qualified high speed converters suitable for 5G, Microcontroller, Medical and networking application. The IPs are in various technology flavour e.g. TSMC 28nm, UMC 28nm, UMC 40nm, TSMC 180nm, Samsung 8nm, SMIC 180nm.

In past, Vervesemi accumulates 2 decade of semiconductors design experience in state-of-art data converters for various market segments, producing 50+ IPs on 30 products per year. In that process, the team has achieved vast silicon maturity experience on 20+ technology nodes with overall 300+ matured products having these IPs. The past expertise is in technology node from 0.25u to 28nm including high voltage, SOI and Space technology. It involved expertise in maturing IPs in automotive, microcontroller, consumer, MEMS, Space applications.

Vervesemi Data converters for 5G applications Now Available on 8nm Process


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