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Will Intel lose its position as a semiconductor market leader?

Delay in the launch of the next generation of processing chips, raises questions about the future of the chip-maker that dominates the PC market.

www.trtworld.com, Jul. 29, 2020 – 

Gordon Moore, the co-founder of chip-maker Intel Corporation, is best known for predicting that the number of transistors on computer chips will double every two years. For decades his observation, known as Moore's law, remained valid. But now the company he helped found is violating the same 'law'.

Last week Intel announced that its next generation of chips would be delayed by around a year as the world's biggest chip maker struggles to sort out production and design issues.

The 7-nanometer based processor was originally planned to be launched in early 2022. Now, its launch may be delayed as late as 2023.

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