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Samsung and Marvell Developing Combined 4G and 5G SoCs

www.electropages.com, Apr. 07, 2021 – 

Recently, Samsung and Marvell announced their partnership in the development of combined 4G and 5G SoCs. Who is Marvell, what do we know about the announcement, and what is the significance of combined 4G/5G systems?

Who is Marvell?

Marvell Technology Group is an American company that specialises in semiconductor technologies such as processors for infrastructure, Wi-Fi ICs, and cellular systems. Founded in 1995, Marvell now has over 5200 employees with a revenue of $2.8 billion and has its headquarters in Santa Clara.

Marvell has purchased many other businesses throughout its operation and has acquired over 10,000 patents worldwide. While the business operates globally, it is domiciled in Bermuda, and currently operates a fabless business model.

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