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GlobalFoundries Sharpens Photonics Edge for Quantum Manufacturing

Chip manufacturing giant, GlobalFoundaries, has struck up a unique arrangement with an ambitious quantum startup to share knowledge that could help turn standard photonics processing technology into a qubit factory. This process and materials understanding could fuel a new wave of photonics innovations for broader manufacturing.

www.nextplatform.com, May. 07, 2021 – 

There are several reasons why the commercial quantum computers of today are not ready for primetime.

From a lack of robust error correction across a large enough qubit count to solve meaningful problems to the touchstone matter of doing both at reasonable cost, the limited quantum hardware market is stalled. This is not to say there is a lack of immense progress but with each quantum systems maker rolling their own qubits, casing, and software stack, the efforts are investment-limited.

Put another way, what if quantum computing devices could be reliably produced with standard (albeit tuned) semiconductor manufacturing processes? There are novel materials science and other technical challenges, but if quantum hardware makers could work with the fabs, how much faster might we get to mainstream quantum computing, especially with the vendor ecosystem focused on building tooling for users instead of handling A-Z manufacturing of their own devices and systems?

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