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European startup ships first commercial quantum processor

Quantware in the Netherlands is shipping a 5 qubit quantum processor that it says is the first commercially available such device.

www.eenewseurope.com, Jul. 13, 2021 – 

Quantware's 5 qubit Soprano QPU (quantum processing unit) is based around supercooled superconducting transmon qubits similar to those used by quantum computers built by IBM, D-Wave and Rigetti. Transmons qubits are cooled below liquid helium temperatures and controlled via microwaves.

The QPU has customisable qubit configuration and features with 99.9% single-qubit gate fidelities. The qubit states are stable for more than 10µs (subject to the quality of the stack) and Quantwave also offers a traveling wave parametric amplifier (TWPA) that introduces the minimum amount of noise allowed by nature, with a 18dB gain over 1.5 GHz. This TWPA, called Crescendo, is available for pre-order.

The Soprano QPU is delivered as a die or fully packaged, with optional device shielding with a 30 day lead time. The devices are built by partner TU Delft.

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