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Rethinking Automotive Electronics Networks

It's a matter of time before the auto industry has to ditch the CAN bus. The transition to electric vehicles is a great excuse to do it now.

www.eetasia.com, Jul. 14, 2021 – 

There is a disruption happening in automotive electronics system architecture. It has been going on for nearly a decade and is now picking up speed. It is primarily happening among BEV startups since they do not have historical restriction or ingrained favorite designs and can start with a clean sheet for their electronics architectures.

Tesla has shown the advantages of starting with mostly a clean sheet electronics design using software-centric and OTA-based system architecture. I think everyone is understanding the advantages of remote software updates and the OEMs are investing to get OTA software deployed.

They need to do much more and essentially need to throw away their current playbook using ECU and CAN-based networks. Instead, they need to move to an electronics system architecture that is based on Ethernet and so-called service oriented architecture (SOA)–the sooner, the better. You could also call this a clean-sheet system architecture for automotive electronics. This will take many years, but any new model should use the clean-sheet architecture approach.

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