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Qualitas Semiconductor Announces 5nm MIPI C-PHY IP with 8Gsps Data Rate

SEOUL, South Korea, Jun. 05, 2024 – 

QUALITAS SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as QUALITAS) (QUALITAS, KOSDAQ: 432720), a leading provider of high-speed interconnect solutions, announces the successful development MIPI C-PHY TX/RX IP supporting a maximum data rate of 8.0Gsps and compliant with MIPI C-PHY Standard v2.1. This advanced IP has been developed using 5nm Automotive process, marking a significant milestone in automotive semiconductor technology.

Qualitas is the first company globally to develop C-PHY v2.1 highlighting its leading role in semiconductor innovation. The successful development of the C-PHY TX/RX IP using the 5nm Automotive process positions Qualitas at the forefront of the high-performance AI chip and automotive chip markets. Qualitas aims to cater to the growing demand for advanced technologies in these sectors.

Qualitas’ MIPI C-PHY TX/RX IP is equipped with sophisticated signal integrity tools such as adaptive linear equalizer and feedback equalization, ensuring clear and stable image quality under various conditions. This IP automates processes like calibration of its analog circuits and correction of any signal offsets, enhancing consistency and reliability. For troubleshooting and ensuring optimal operation, it incorporates a built-in monitor to check signal clarity and a self-testing feature that verifies the integrity of data transmission, providing robust performance in a range of display applications.

MIPI C-PHY TX eye diagram for 6.0Gsps

5nm MIPI C-PHY IP Cores

MIPI C-PHY TX eye diagram for 8.0Gsps

Key Features

Qualitas has a history of pioneering high-speed interconnect solutions, and this latest achievement reinforces the commitment to innovation and excellence. “We are excited about the potential impact of our C-PHY TX/RX PHY IP in advancing capabilities of AI and automotive technologies,” said Dr. Duho Kim, CEO of Qualitas.

About Qualitas

Qualitas is a leader in high-speed interconnect technology, which is a key infrastructure of the 4th Industrial Revolution, encompassing AI, mobile devices, automotive systems and displays. Qualitas specializes in high-speed interconnect circuit design, as well as ultra-fine semiconductor process design and verification. Qualitas operates our business through the licensing of high-speed interface IP and by providing comprehensive design services. Moreover, Qualitas has established a robust design methodology to ensure high reliability in ultra-fine semiconductor processes. With a proven track record in developing and mass-producing cutting-edge semiconductors, our expertise spans the most advanced technologies.

For more information visit the Qualitas Semiconductor website: www.q-semi.com


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