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Sondrel offers leading edge chip design teams

UK design house Sondrel is offering customers a solution to their shortage of engineers in the form of its Outsourced Design Team (ODT) service.

www.eenewseurope.com/, Jun. 10, 2024 – 

"It's really difficult finding skilled engineers at the moment especially for Design and Verification," said Paul Martin, Director of Field Engineering and Customer Technology at Sondrel.

"A whole chip project could be at risk of falling behind schedule due to a skills shortage that could have severe financial repercussions. You could use an agency and assemble a team but that needs a lot of people and management time as they are an unproven team. We have much simpler option for customers," he said.

"Sondrel's Outsourced Design Teams are drawn from our pool of over 100 skilled and experienced engineers that have worked for us for years and, more importantly, worked together in teams so that they can hit the ground running from day one. We hand pick the members of the team so that it exactly meets the customer's skills requirement and manage them so that expectations are met, milestones are achieved, and all aspects of people management are handled by us so that the customer can focus on the other aspects of the project."

Sondrel's secure remote working arrangements enables the company to assemble a design team made up from engineers in any of its design centres around the world to ensure that the most suitable engineers are used irrespective of their geographical location."

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