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Movellus Introduces Aeonic Power™ Product Family for On-Die Voltage Regulation

Jun. 19, 2024, Jun. 19, 2024 – 

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 19, 2024 -- Movellus today announced the introduction of the Aeonic Power™ product family aimed at meeting the on-die power delivery needs of computational blocks, functional blocks, and die-to-die interconnects for complex SoCs. The Aeonic Power family debuts with two products: Aeonic Power™ HC, enabling energy optimization of digital cores and logic blocks, and Aeonic Power™ LN to simplify power delivery for die-to-die interfaces (e.g. UCIe).

Aeonic Power™ HC is a high-current, on-die solution that delivers local, distributed power, enabling fine-grained DVFS for computational cores, clusters, and logic blocks. It can reliably supply core power to processing elements across a wide current range, helping SoCs balance performance and power, resulting in energy savings of up to 15%.

"Even with architectural innovations that are improving performance per watt, AI and HPC workloads are driving dramatic increases in total SoC power,” said Michael Smith, senior director SoC, Tenstorrent. “The industry is applying every available option to optimize power, and we believe that on-die voltage regulation will be invaluable in helping design teams take the next steps in energy-efficient computing by bringing fine-grained power management closer to computational cores."

Aeonic Power™ LN is built to support die-to-die interconnects in the chiplet ecosystem. Simplifying power distribution for D2D interconnects via on-chip regulation and reduction of inductive filters results in overall BOM improvements for chiplets.

“Power is a critical design parameter for large SoC design teams. While everyone wants more compute power, it comes at a significant cost at the chip, system and data center levels,” said Kevin Krewell, principal analyst, TIRIAS Research. “Movellus has a very interesting solution to the power challenge with their on-die voltage regulators that enable power management at a silicon block level, closer to each core. Design teams need every advantage to combat growing power demands, and Movellus offers a very valuable solution.”

The Movellus Aeonic Power family delivers a suite of power-focused telemetry, providing valuable insight into customers’ power delivery networks. These features assist engineering teams with a data-driven approach to designing power networks and applying optimal silicon life cycle strategies.

“Power delivery is one of the most challenging areas in SOC design today,” said Mo Faisal, CEO, Movellus, “On-die voltage regulation holds tremendous potential to reduce power, simplify design, and increase the robustness of PDNs, but to date, only a handful of companies had the capability to tackle this using custom designs. Aeonic Power takes a new, scalable approach to on-die voltage regulation to make these solutions available to the broader market.”

Movellus continues to advance high-performance silicon through energy and performance-optimized infrastructure in the AI era. The Aeonic™ Digital IP platform has been integrated by multiple customers and ported across various process nodes from 40nm to 3nm. End applications range from ultra-low power edge AI devices to performance-centric cloud datacenter compute and AI offerings. This latest milestone enables advanced on-die voltage regulation for high-performance SoCs and chiplets.

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The Aeonic Power™ HC and Aeonic Power ™ LN are sampling and will be generally available in 3Q24. For more information on the Aeonic Power™ product family, visit www.movellus.com or visit us at DAC in San Francisco, California (Booth #2311) June 24-27, 2024, and join us for an industry panel discussing power management of kW ICs in the DAC main pavilion (2:00 PM PST, Tuesday, June 25, 2024).

About Movellus

Movellus provides critical technology that is integrated into an array of applications ranging from edge AI devices to performance-centric cloud datacenter compute and networking offerings. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with R&D centers in Michigan and Toronto. Visit us at: www.movellus.com


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