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METASAT Project Celebrates 18 Months of Innovation: Key Developments in Satellite Technology

Jul. 04, 2024 – 

July 4, 2024 – The METASAT Project, a European Commission-funded initiative aimed at transforming satellite technology is pleased to announce significant progress after a year and a half of development. The project, which brings together leading experts from research institutions and prime companies in the space sector, continues reaching key milestones in its mission to revolutionize satellite-based solutions.

In the past year and a half, the consortium has made significant strides in advancing satellite technology, focusing on creating efficient, scalable, and reliable systems. By harnessing innovative solutions and fostering cross-sector collaboration, the project has reached several key milestones that are set to redefine satellite-based applications.

Major achievements:

SPARROW to demonstrate the processing power of the target platform. Additionally, two high-performance, space-relevant use cases from ESAOB’s PMark-ML Open-Source benchmarking suite have been ported to the METASAT hardware and software ecosystem.

NOEL-V RISC-V space processor IP Cores

The METASAT Project remains committed to impacting the time and cost of developing new systems of satellite technology, leveraging the expertise of its diverse consortium and the support of the European Commission. Looking ahead, the project will focus on further refining its technologies, conducting testing, and preparing for the deployment of its solutions in operational satellite missions.

For more information about the METASAT Project and its ongoing developments, visit the project website www.metasat-project.eu


METASAT (Modular model-based dEsign and Testing for Applications in SATellites) is a 24-month Research Innovation Action funded by the European Commission, which was launched on 1 January 2023. With a budget of € 1,999,500, the project addresses high-performance computing platforms within the space domain. It will introduce a holistic and modular model-based design framework to design and test software modules that target open hardware, and high-performance computing platforms. The project consortium comprises five partners from three nationalities, all of whom have extensive experience in the safety-critical and aerospace domains.


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