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Akida, 2nd Generation


BrainChip's vision is to make AI ubiquitous through innovation that accelerates personalized artificial intelligence everywhere.

Hence, Akida technology is inspired by the brain, the most efficient cognitive "processor" that we know of. It is the result of more than 15 years of AI architecture research and development by BrainChip co-founders – Peter Van der Made (CTO) and Anil Mankar (CDO) along with their team of neuromorphic experts.

The second-generation platform can independently operate complex inferencing and learning on extremely low-power AI devices delivering highly accurate, intelligent, responsive, real-time applications with greater reliability and security.

Akida now supports more complex algorithms and models, including high-resolution video object detection, segmentation and advanced time-series data applications, sequence prediction, and advanced speech recognition in low-power edge devices. This architecture also supports all convolutional, deep learning, and vision transformer networks and includes native support for spiking neural nets (SNN) with even greater efficiency and performance.

The 2nd generation Akida builds on the existing technology foundation and supercharges the processing of raw time-continuous streaming data, such as video analytics, target tracking, audio classification, analysis of health monitoring data such as heart rate and respiratory rate for vital signs prediction, and time series analytics used in forecasting, and predictive production line maintenance. These capabilities are critically needed in industrial, automotive, digital health, smart home, and smart city applications.

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