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AI accelerator platform Origin E8


An AI accelerator platform that scales for any application

Expedera s unified compute pipeline architecture enables highly efficient hardware scheduling and advanced memory management to achieve unsurpassed end-to-end low-latency performance. Origin enables system designers to meet a full range of low latency, power-efficient and high-performance requirements. The architecture is mathematically proven to utilize the least amount of memory for neural network (NN) execution. This minimizes die area, reduces DRAM access, improves bandwidth, saves power, and maximizes performance. Since NNs generate a tremendous amount of intermediate data, minimizing the memory allows high-resolution NN processing, such as 4K/8K video, to run real-time on-chip.

A high-performance inference engine for the most demanding environments

Origin E8 provides the high performance needed for ADAS, autonomous, and datacenter applications. Origin E8 s architecture enables optimized memory management that drastically reduces DRAM requirements, cutting BOM costs and reducing power. Origin E8 enables multi-job support for better utilization of hardware resources and reductions in system costs. Its highly efficient neural network engine allows designers to develop products using passive cooling, further reducing system costs.

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