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Kazymir - Safe & Secure IO Concentrator RDC


The Multiprotocol IO Concentrator Solution

Kazymir is the ideal solution to link all your equipment, sensor or actuator whatever the used protocol to an Avionic network in a safe & secure manner.

It brings a high performance, low latency, safe and cyber-secure link between your equipment and the Avionic network based on ARINC664p7/Ethernet network.

On the Avionic network side, CetraC technology is fully compliant with ARINC664 Part 7 and Ethernet standards. It allows both cyclic and event-driven communications in full duplex. A 100% hardware solution with embedded redundancy management feature to increase network reliability.

On the peripheral IO side, CetraC technology supports a large range of avionic protocol to get the most flexible and scalable solution. You are able to connect all your legacy equipment and new one together within one box.

List of supported protocols and features are in constant evolution and include now the following: ARINC429, ARINC825, ARINC664, FibreChannel, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, IEEE1588 (PTP), TSN, AMBA AXI, PCI, PCI Express, discrete and analog.

It allows both cyclic and event-driven communications in full duplex.

CetraC technology is :

High Performace: 100% electronic hardware design means, no software, no malicious code, not hackable. The hardware processing is able to handle high Ethernet throughput up to 10Gbps with a typical short latency of 2 µs. With Cetrac architecture, all interfaces have their own ressources in starving mode which are allocated to each data flows to ensure maximum and continuous performance over the time.

Your data can be translated and aggregated on the fly and by the hardware, which allows more power for your application running on the CPU.

Secure by design: Our softwareless technology is from its inception designed to guarentee data flow segregation. Each entering frame is filtered with configurable rules (MAC, IP, protocol, frame size, bandwith usage).

It allows mixed criticality applications to share the same network and gives huge gains in size, complexity and power. All these features are obviously the perfect answers to cyber security issues.

Safety is everywhere: it implements design technics to build a fault tolerant system. Code checking and correction are enabled for each frame. Rendudancy flow management is built in for all ports. Full status and monitored events are reported.

The CetraC core technology is pure hardware embedded into a single FPGA.

During operation time no configuration can be changed so you can be sure that what you decided is what happens. If any not authorized data or device plugging occurs, you can configure the device to be instantly aware by receiving event status frames. In order to protect your data, you can also configure the data flows to encrypt and / or decrypt the flows using AES256 method or specific encryption algorithm on demand.

Finally as the configuration itself is a sensitive asset, the loading process is secured by dynamic key generation, loader authentication and configuration encrypting.

By using our CetraC technology you get a safe and cyber secure link from your end user software application up to the network with the smaller footprint in the market.Block Diagram

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