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ARINC 818: Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB) is a standard for high-bandwidth, low-latency digital video in mission-critical avionics. The protocol uses fibre channel to provide a point-to-point communications link for video and defines an industry-standard packet structure for video transmission in avionics. We offer ARINC 818 cards that meet the requirements of this protocol along with an IP core you can implement into your own hardware.

ARINC 818 builds upon the FC-AV protocol, which, like the newer standard, is an adaptation of fibre channel. While FC-AV is meant to support a wide range of industries, avionics vendors recognized the need for a unified standard specific to aeronautics applications. As a result, the ARINC Digital Video Committee was formed to define a standard that could be used in both military and commercial settings. A unidirectional adaptation of FC-AV was favored for its data-rate options, data integrity, and most importantly, its flexibility.

Officially released in 2007, ARINC 818 is a point-to-point, 8b/10b encoded serial protocol that has gained widespread industry support. By eliminating the need to create proprietary video systems in cockpits, ARINC 818 has reduced aviation design costs. What's more, ARINC 818 has eliminated many of the complexities of FC-AV, such as the need for link initialization or flow control.

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