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128-bit vector word length ARC VPX2 DSP IP


DesignWare® ARC® VPX DSP IP is a family of VLIW/SIMD processors targeting a broad range of signal processing applications, from always-on devices to automotive ADAS to communications and high-performance computing. The VPX Family supports multiple vector lengths and core configurations:
• 128-bit vector word – VPX2 (single core), VPX2x2 (dual core)
• 256-bit vector word – VPX3 (single core), VPX3x2 (dual core)
• 512-bit vector word – VPX5 (single core), VPX5x2 (dual core), VPX5x4 (quad core)
The VPX Family also includes DSPs with integrated hardware safety features such as ECC protection for memories and interfaces, safety monitors and lockstep mechanisms that achieve the most stringent levels of ISO 26262 functional safety compliance. To speed application software development, the VPX Family is supported by Synopsys’ ARC MetaWare tools, which provide a comprehensive and vectorlength agnostic software programming environment that enables code portability among all members of the VPX Family. The tool suite includes an optimizing C/C++ vector compiler, debugger, instruction set simulator, as well as vector-based DSP, machine learning inference and linear algebra libraries.

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