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Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions


S2C's Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions addresses the need for a comprehensive solution that operates at any functional design stage, with any design size, and across multiple geographical locations. All of these capabilities are available on demand and remotely-accessible at all times. The Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions consists of the following FPGA prototyping solutions:

  • Prodigy Logic Matrix High density FPGA Prototyping platform with hierarchical connectivity to faciliate scaling and support for hyperscale designs at prototyping performance

  • Prodigy Logic Systems based on Xilinx s Virtex UltraScale+ and Virtex UltraScale, Intel's Stratix-10 and Arria-10 FPGA families

  • Prodigy Logic Modules based on Xilinx's Virtex UltraScale, Kintex UltraScale and Kintex-7 FPGA families.

  • Prodigy Player Pro™ to partition a design to multiple FPGAs, configure the prototype, and provide remote system monitoring and control

  • Prodigy Multi-Debug Module to run deep-trace debugging to multi-FPGAs simultaneously

  • Prodigy ProtoBridge™ to link system-level simulation environments to FPGA-based prototyping, which enables early algorithm/architectural exploration on FPGA, accelerates design verification and increases FPGA-based prototyping test coverage

  • Prodigy Cloud System, Prodigy Cloud System, enterprise-class, FPGA-based prototyping system, that supports up to 2.5 billion logic gates over 32 FPGAs in single standard server rack; further expansion can be deployed via multiple interconnected server racks

  • An extensive library of over 90 Prodigy Prototype Ready™ Interfaces and Accessories designed to enable users to prototype SoC designs with a variety of interfaces and work out-of-box with the S2C's comprehensive family Logic Systems and Logic Modules

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