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Tessent NoC Monitor


The Tessent Embedded Analytics NoC Monitor provides non-intrusive monitoring of interconnect activity across the AMBA 5 CHI (Coherent Hub Interface) network-on-chip (NoC).

The NoC Monitor enables full transaction-level visibility of traffic with a wide range of measurements, analytics and statistics gathering. All of these are run-time configurable and include Logic analyzer style controls and dependencies, local buffering and cross-triggering. The modules can track transactions (e.g. trace) and automatically gather statistics to identify issues such as contention, peak traffic, and deadlock. It is the market s most comprehensive CHI debug solution.

All Tessent Embedded Analytics monitors (IPs), can be accessed via a dedicated, secure communication infrastructure. Non-intrusive debug and monitoring using an off-chip host or debugger is facilitated through USB 2, USB 3, JTAG, or Aurora interfaces. Embedded software can drive the system via an AXI interface to create a self-contained on-chip monitoring system.

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