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Tessent Embedded SDK


The Tessent Embedded Software Development Kit (ESDK) is a set of software libraries designed to be compiled and run on an embedded system within an SoC. It provides a way to configure, control, and process results from Tessent Embedded Analytics modules or monitors within the SoC itself.

The Tessent Embedded SDK allows the creation of a self-contained monitoring and analytics environment on-chip. It consists of a set of APIs that opens up access to the full functionality of Tessent Embedded Analytics modules, and provides a direct connection to the Embedded Analytics message infrastructure.

While this is useful during SoC bring-up, it is invaluable during in-field deployments where an external connection to the SoC is often simply not possible

The Tessent Embedded Analytics solution accelerates debug, validation, and optimization of complex multi-core SoCs. Leveraging embedded non-intrusive instrumentation such as bus monitors, NoC monitors, and CPU debug modules, debug and software engineers can observe what’s happening in the design when operational software is running on the system. The instruments enable full transaction-level visibility of traffic on buses with a wide range of measurements, analytics and statistics gathering. The instrumentation is accessed through standard interfaces such as JTAG, USB2, or USB3. A self-contained on-chip monitoring and analytics environment can be facilitated using the Tessent Embedded SDK.

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