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All Silicon IP


The ZView Integrated Development Environment (IDE) features a debugger as part of the Eclipse software development environment. Eclipse is an open, industry supported, extensible, software development platform. Programmers can create, test and debug applications with fast data access and extensive display capabilities. A typical debugging environment consists of the ZView IDE running on a host, the host connected to VeriSilicons ZSP JTAG emulator, and the emulator connected to the target DSP. A simulator can be used when ZSP hardware target is not available. More complex configurations such as debugging with multiple users, multiple DSP targets, or remote access are all supported seamlessly through ZServer connectivity software. This multi-core, multi-device development capability allows the developer to start/stop/single-step selected devices simultaneously. Access to multiple devices is provided from single or multiple workstations via TCP/IP connection. ZView IDE includes ZServer connectivity software.


    • Project Dependencies
    • Compile Options
    • Debugger Configuration
    • Makefiles
    • Mix Source Views
    • Multiple Data Views
    • Fast Data Access
    • Graphical Plots
    • Code Windows
    • Formatted Memory Windows
    • Peripheral Registers Window
    • Watch Window
    • Pipeline Stages
    • Cycle Details
    • Grouping Rules
      * Code Performance evaluation features of ZView IDE require the optimizer/simulator

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