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Codasip rapid IP exploration and refinement.

Codasip offers two possible paths to create your unique processor architecture.

  • Codix cores tailoring
    Hit the ground running by using a proven Codix Core as the base for your design. Codix cores are supplied as modifiable CodAL models (Codasip?s processor modeling language), and can be freely modified to get the exact processor you need. Codasip Studio will guide you through the process to ensure predictable and high quality results.

  • From scratch
    Beginning with only the Instruction Accurate (IA) model you can generate a complete SDK for your processor and begin to explore and refine the perfect ISA for your design. Once you are happy with the results, add the additional cycle accurate CA information (pipelining) and generate the complete processor implementation.

    Complete IP generation environment
    Codasip Studio manages every aspect of your processor design project from implementation, through verification, programming, emulation and debug. Based on the Eclipse environment it is instantly familiar to both HW and SW development teams.

    Advanced profiling and debug make it easy to understand your design and get exactly the results you desire.
  • Zone EMEA
    Country Czech Republic
    Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design

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