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Digital Blocks architects, designs, verifies, and markets semiconductor IP cores to worldwide technology systems companies.

We Can Customize Our IP Cores

Digital Blocks can customize its IP cores to the unique requirements of its individual customers. Typically a customer needs additional features or a modified or completely different digital interface. Digital Block? engineering will assist in the specification of the changes, redesign the Verilog / VHDL RTL source, verify the IP core to our high standards, and provide full documetation.

IP Core Design Services

Digital Blocks engineering design services engages in customer-requested IP Core development in the following market categories: Embedded Processors and Peripherals,Display Controllers, Display Link Layer, 2D Graphics Processing, Video Signal & Image Processing,High-Speed Networking / High-Frequency Trading.

Embedded Processor Subsystem Design Services

Digital Blocks offers customers Embedded Processor & Peripherals Sybsystem design services for ASIC / ASSP / FPGA devices, centered around our DB8051C Microcontroller IP Core. We tune the Program & Data Memory size within the DB8051C CPU to your requirements, and we customize the Peripherals to include the combination of UARTs, Timers, Interrupts, I2C Master / Slave Controller, SPI, PWM, and CAN IP Cores required.

AMBA IP Peripherals Subsystem Design Services

Digital Blocks offers ARM / MIPS / ARC processor based systems an AMBA AHB / APB Peripherals Subsystem, which can include user customized I2C, SPI, UART, Timers, Interrupt Controller, PIO, CAN, PWM IP Cores. Digital Blocks can include our AMBA AXI / AHB LCD Controller and 2D Graphics Hardware Accelerator for Display Subsystems.

Low-Latency Networking Design Services

Digital Blocks offers customers ultra-low latency IP/UDP, IP/TCP, & IP/UDP/RTP design services within leading-edge network adapter cards with one or more 10/100 MbE or 1/10/40 GbE network links. We provide full FPGA design, as well as network adapter card design if needed.
Zone North America
Country USA
Vendor Type Design Services , IP Integrator:Consulting Services , SoC Design Services
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design
Application Domain Audio Video and Vision , Wireless Communication , Embedded Processing

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