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The single challenge of SoC integrators is to tape-out a circuit right-on-first pass, but experience shows that a significant part of integration failures results from lack of work on specifications. Dolphin Design proposes its complete expertise to answer the customer through its custom fabless service line: HARMONIE.

The key points are first to introduce a rigorous specification writing process, then to perform a hierarchical SoC Integration to guarantee the specifications.
As a result, HARMONIE exploits the hard-level of Dolphin Design s Virtual Components (ViC) and/or other IP providers with rigorous schemes for guiding the optimization of power regulation and noise resilience. To help these optimizations, HARMONIE takes all the benefits of its virtual platform based on Dolphin Design s Missing EDA Links.
This virtual platform offers an add-on to the existing development platforms

Country France
Company Size 200
Vendor Type Design Services
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design
Experience in Advanced Technology Nodes on GlobalFoundries , TSMC


I. Hierarchical specification
  • At system level, specification of objectives enabling an executable specification to confirm project feasibility
  • At System-on-Chip level, specification in conformance with integration rules
  • At functional level, verification plan to describe virtual testbench structure
  • At structural level, test specification of testability structures reducing industrial test time
  • At silicon level, the validation plan ensures the validation and characterization of the circuit

II. Empowering SoC Integration based on Silicon IP selection

  • Unique link with Dolphin Design s BU for patented libraries of Memories and Standard Cells, MCUs, power regulators and high-resolution converters
  • Expertise in Silicon IP choice and integration, with internal or external products
  • Internal quality control applied on externally procured Silicon IPs

III. Empowering SoC Integration based on the best EDA Solutions
- Associated with the most popular software solutions (Synthesis, P&R, STA, etc.), HARMONIE offers internal solutions for a particular optimization (for low power consumption, for low noise)

IV. Project Management

  • From specification to fabrication, with specific and strict rules for acceptance.
    Example: Aeronautics official provider
  • Pilot Committee selected at Project kick-off
  • Design reviews in accordance with a Statement of Work
  • Acceptance procedures for all exchanges with the system user
  • ISO-9001 process for Make or Buy Assessment up to ViC selection and acceptance

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