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Custom design services and consultancy in digital design.

Silex Insight offers complete SoC design development for ASIC and structured ASIC. We handle all steps from the conception up to the manufacturing or some of them depending on customer needs.
Our ASIC design capabilities include complex System-on-Chip design for low power and high performance. We can handle multi-million gates design (ASIC/SoC/SiP design) typically in AMBA environment (AHB/AXI) with ARM or other high performance processors.
In addition, our video and security IP portfolio, together with our partners solutions accelerate the development of the ASIC for a short time to market. We often integrate peripheral and memory interfaces, processors and analog IP.
Silex Insight has strong experience in many different applications, such as video and image processing, payment, multimedia, navigation systems.

Silex Insight handles all FPGA design steps from the conception up to the delivery of a FPGA netlist, the PCB and board manufacturing. This all upon the customer needs = Innovation for your Advantage.
Our partnership with FPGA vendors enables us to leverage the expanded capabilities of the latest FPGA technology. To accelerate the FPGA development cycle and time to market, we take advantage of modules from our ‘internal re-use database’ as well asSilex Insight’s IP cores and partner’s IP cores. Those modules include PCIe DMA, DDR memory controller, video module toolbox, high-speed serial interfaces, network interfaces, and a lot more.
Another strong asset is our long experience with ARM processors for ASIC and SoC design. This means that in combination with our expertise in embedded software, Silex Insight is your perfect partner to build your system based on FPGA SoC components such as Xilinx Zynq and Altera SoC devices.Silex Insight has many years of experience in video and image processing, networking, telecom, industrial, security and cryptography applications. Our IP cores and reference designs are at your disposal for evaluation, so that you can test the functionalities and performance on your platform or evaluation board.

Embedded Software
Silex Insight offers embedded and driver software, to support, access, control or test the designed hardware parts and specializes in design and implementation of:

  • drivers for :our IP cores, the blocks, FPGA, ASICs or boards we design, PCI Express, Ethernet, Flash, SPI, I2C, GPIO
  • production tests, validation tests, performance measurement
  • example programs and driver documentation
  • command and control applications

We obtain high efficient data transfers with a combination of register access, interrupts and DMA.We support most general-purpose and embedded CPUs: x86 and x64, ARM Cortex A8, A9-based SoCs, Zynq and SoC FPGA, ARM Cortex M3, M4, PowerPC QorIQ, MicroBlaze, Nios II

Silex Insight offers a complete set of services from concept proofing and demonstration platforms to prototype production and pilot production of assembled printed circuit boards (PCBA). Besides the board design, we may help to implement any algorithm on any FPGA device. We validate the code and deliver complete tested units.

Country Belgium
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design
Application Domain Audio Video and Vision , Internet of Things , Security Solutions

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