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At CSEM, we specialise in technology development services based on multidisciplinary expertise, a comprehensive grasp of all key technologies, and a bespoke touch that only a truly collaborative partner can provide.

Coating services

Our coating services cover the full spectrum of thin film deposition technologies, from basic sputtering via physical vapour deposition (PVD) to pioneering coating methods like molecular vapor deposition (MVD).

Micro-manufacturing & small-scale production

Microfabrication is a growing engineering paradigm with the capacity to unlock a wealth on new applications and performance capabilities. Our R&D solutions for small-scale production include a host of laser micro-manufacturing techniques, nano-structural tooling capabilities, and more.

MEMS & microsystems technology

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) represent the cutting edge of microscopic devices, pushing the frontiers of microfabrication down to the nanoscale. Our MEMS and microsystems solutions are based on a range of sub-micron lithographic processes based on unmatched expertise in end-to-end MEMS support.

Optical simulation & modelling tools

Optical modelling are invaluable for a wide cross-section of design and optimisation processes, providing rigorous oversights of various two- and three-dimensional properties. We have access to a choice of optical modelling tools that can help you realise your design and specification needs.

Materials expertise & investigation services

Materials characterisation is an R&D cornerstone, yielding some of the most fundamentally important insights into composition, function, quality, reliability, and much more. We provide a range of technology development services under the umbrella of materials testing, as well as optical and electrical testing equipment.

Microsystems packaging services

Our R&D solutions are conceived as end-to-end services with a consultative approach. This enables us to advise on a range of key decisions, from initial development through to small-series micro-package development.

Multiphysics FEM simulations service

Multiphysics simulations offer the opportunity to model the dynamic behaviour of a wide range of complex systems, using state-of-the-art testing concepts and software. We can help you by building tailored application models unique to your specific needs.

Energy systems-based services

R&D solutions for energy systems cover the full workflow for existing and emerging electrochemical storage devices alike, making this one of the most diverse areas of technological development. We continually rise to the challenge with the systems and expert support needed for end-to-end energy systems development services.

RISC-V integration

Based on reduced instruction set computer (RISC) principles, RISC-V is an open source operating system that can be freely integrated into various software toolchains. The highly optimised instructional capabilities of RISC-V make it an extremely desirable OS requiring some level of expertise for best integration results. At CSEM, we participated with RISC-V development at an early stage, allowing us to accrue extensive expertise in RISC-V customization, debugging and tracing, integration, and more.

Country Switzerland
Company Size 500
Vendor Type Design Services , IP Integrator:Consulting Services , SoC Design Services , Verification Services
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design , Analog and High Level Design , Low Power
Application Domain Wireless Communication , Internet of Things , AI and Deep Learning , Embedded Processing

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