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Foundry Engineering

Foundry engineering support provides safeguards for the high non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost of implementing new products. eSilicon provides the fab device and integration experience for first-time tapeout success. Tapeout support includes LVS (layout vs. schematic), DRC (design rule check), MEBES (manufacturing electronic beam exposure system) review and support, resulting in successful tapeouts.

Product Engineering

Product engineering support safeguards product costs through effective yield management.
An experienced engineering team establishes baselines and maintains yield and performance targets. The baseline is established with product characterization which reduces production ramp risks. This baseline allows the team to efficiently root cause and troubleshoot deviations in production.

Characterization Overview

A review is performed during characterization to establish and optimize the baseline yield. This reduces production ramp risk by reviewing product stability across all corner extremes.
The yield is reviewed at both sort and final test. High and low VDD (supply voltage) testing is included as part of the standard production test program on corner lot testing across temperatures to cover the desired process/voltage/temperature (PVT) variables.

Test Engineering

Test engineering is one of the final critical steps before your device is ramped into production. eSilicon?s in-house engineering team moves your product from design to production efficiently. Our team will manage your device through the final stage before volume production using a broad range of expertise in all facets of ASIC device testing. Using our proven flow, our goal is to get your product ramping to production as quickly as possible using our advanced methodologies, processes, and years of experience to choose the right path for your ASIC design.

Tech Specs

Country USA
Vendor Type Design Services
Main Core Competency Logic and High level Design , Physical Design
Application Domain AI and Deep Learning
Experience Technology Lower than 22nm Yes


  • We have access to the leading foundry process technologies to 14/16nm through our partnerships with the world s leading-edge foundries.
  • In addition to our vast third-party IP portfolio, we provide custom logic, memory, analog and I/O solutions to meet your specific needs, be they targeted for high performance or low power.
  • Our unique PPA-optimized design methodology is targeted to provide the best power, performance and area for your ASIC

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