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Arm Cortex-A5 - Smallest, Lowest Power Arm Multicore Applications Processor


The Arm® Cortex® processor is the smallest, lowest power Arm multicore processor capable of delivering the internet to the widest possible range of devices: from ultra low cost handsets, feature phones and smart mobile devices, to pervasive embedded, consumer and industrial devices.

Both the extremely area and power efficient Cortex-A5 uniprocessor and the scalable Cortex-A5 MPCore multicore processors are supported by a rich set of features and Arm v7 architectural functionality to deliver a high-performance and low-power solution across both application specific and general purpose designs.

The Cortex-A5 processor includes TrustZone® security technology along with a NEON® multimedia processing engine first introduced with the Cortex-A8, processor. NEON technology is a 128-bit SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) architecture extension for the Cortex-A series processors, providing flexible and compelling acceleration for intensive multimedia applications.

Cortex-A processors are used in applications that have high-compute requirements, run rich operating systems and deliver interactive media and graphics experience from the latest technological mobile internet must-have devices such as SmartPhones, handsets, tablets and ultra-portable netbooks or SmartBooks, to automotive infotainment systems and next generation digital TV systems.

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