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Deeply embedded processor for deterministic real-time applications

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The Arm® Cortex®-R real-time processors offer high-performance computing solutions for embedded systems where reliability, high availability, fault tolerance, maintainability and real-time responses are required. The Cortex-R series processors provide fast time-to-market through proven technology shipped in hundreds of millions of products and leverages the vast Arm Ecosystem and global, local language, 24/7 support services to ensure rapid and low risk development. There are many applications requiring the key Cortex-R series attributes of:
  • High performance: Fast processing combined with a high clock frequency
  • Real-time: Processing meets hard real-time constraints on all occasions
  • Safe: Dependable, reliable systems with high error resistance
  • Cost effective: Features for optimal for performance, power and area
The Cortex-R4 processor, is designed for implementation on advanced silicon processes with an emphasis on improved energy efficiency, real-time responsiveness, advanced features and ease of system design. The processor provides a highly flexible and efficient two-cycle local memory interface, enabling SoC designers to minimize system cost and energy consumption.

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