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Codix-Bk1 delivers small silicon size, low power and RISC-V instruction-set compatibility, allowing users to leverage the rich ecosystem of software and tools becoming available. It is an attractive upgrade to 8-bit processor IP cores by providing considerably better processing performance with a comparable silicon footprint. Codasip-Bk1 can be used with standard peripherals allowing development using RTOSs ported to RISC-V such as FreeRTOS. Interfaces to AHB/AHB Lite and AXI4 Lite are offered. For licensees who also license the Studio tools, it is possible to add custom instructions and to add other features to the Bk1.


  • Support for RV32EM instructions
  • zero-stage pipeline
  • Sixteen (E) 32-bit general purpose registers
  • Optional serial multiplier
  • Optional compact instruction extensions
  • Optional instruction pre-fetch
  • Optional instruction and data cache
  • Interrupt support
  • JTAG debug
  • From about 10 kgates for RV32E
  • From about 14 kgates for RV32EM

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