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Azurite Core Hub Generators


The Azurite Core Hub Generator utilizes InCore's FlexiCore™ Technology to build a highly parameterized and configurable Core-Hub™ Generators, which facilitate the creation of RISC-V compatible solutions tailored for specific applications. Core-Hub not only includes InCore's proprietary RISC-V based Azurite cores, but can also be expanded to essential components like Data Accelerators, Interrupt Controllers, Interconnect Matrices, and more, creating a comprehensive offering for customers.

The Azurite cores within the Core-Hub, itself implement a single-issue, 2-stage in-order execution pipeline which supports the base RV32I integer instruction set. The cores can reach a peak execution rate of one instruction per clock cycle. The cores are compatible with all relevant standards of the RISC-V spec.

The Core-Hub Also include several important (but optional) un-core components such Platform Level Interrupt Controllers (PLIC), Core-Local Interruptor (CLINT), Reset Synhronizers, Basic Power Management Units, etc.

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