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Full flexible multi-channel AES-GCM engine up to 2Tbps


The EIP-63, high speed AES-GCM engine is a scalable high-performance, multi-channel cryptographic engine that offers AES-GCM operations as well as AES-CTR and GMAC on bulk data. Its flexible data path is suitable to scale from 100Gbps to 1.6Tbps to provide a tailored engine with minimal area for your application. The FIFO-like data interface makes it possible to perform frame processing for many different protocols, including MACsec, IPsec, OTN security. The multi-channel architecture makes it possible to alternate data processing for different channels or tunnels simultaneously. Block switching can be done with a granularity of a single clock cycle.
For AES-GCM H-key calculation, INSIDE Secure offers the EIP-36 AES-core IP with a 32-bit register interface. Alternatively, the H-key is calculated by the software.

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