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Codasip is a leading supplier of processing solutions for IC designers. Codasip offers solutions based on open standards such as the RISC-V ISA, LLVM & UVM. Codasip is a founding member of the RISC-V Foundation and was the first company to offer a commercial RISC-V IP core in 2015. RISC-V enables you to take advantage of a standard base instruction set for software portability yet a choice of standard or custom extensions to enhance computational performance.
Codasip’s family of Bk RISC-V cores covers the range from simple embedded applications to on-chip systems running Linux. The cores offer a variety of different pipeline lengths and computational options. These cores can be supplied in standard off-the-shelf configurations or can be extended using the Codasip Studio tool to achieve your unique processing requirements. Codasip Studio – used to develop the Bk cores – allows hardware and software design kits to be automatically generated from a high-level processor description language.
If you prefer to work with open source RISC-V cores Codasip’s SweRV Support Package enables this by providing a comprehensive set of tools, scripts and models for Western Digital SweRV cores. Codasip is the preferred provider of hardware implementation packages and expert technical support for users of Western Digital’s SweRV CoresTM.
Codasip began operations as a spinout from the Brno University of Technology/Faculty of Information Technology in 2014 based on 10 years of research. After an initial funding round with Credo Ventures, Codasip completed a series A round with Ventech Capital, Western Digital, Shenzhen Capital Group & Paua Ventures.

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