BitSim, is a leading design house in the development of advanced electronics for cameras/imaging detectors/sensors, data acquisition, and video/graphics.   
5 SoCs

Bit-UDP Ethernet for automotive
To efficient transfer large amount of data and off-load the system processor, BitSim has launched its IP, Bit-UDP Ethernet. This core is a real-time offload engine where the communication is accelerat...

MIPI CSI-2 low-power and cost-effective solution for automotive
MIPI CSI-2, a popular high-speed serial interface specification, is often used in modern camera designs. For this interface, BitSim has developed two CSI-2 cores, BitCsi2Tx and BitCsi2Rx that provides...

Multi Ethernet Camera
A full embedded camera-system is provided with the Bit-Multi-Ethernet-Camera, consisting of an integrated chain of IP blocks.

2D graphics- BADGE- BitSim Accelerated Display Graphics Engine
A configurable block with an advanced 2D graphics controller for both ASIC and FPGA that offloads your processor system.

BitSim AB - Consulting and Design services
What functionality do you want and what are the market requirements? This is always the starting point of all our development projects. Our team of experts and our unique design model helps you design...


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