10 "Other" Solutions

The I3C Total IP in a box HDK gives I3C SoC developers all the resources they need to implement MIPI I3C specifications right out of the box.

v-MP4280HDX Vantage development system
The Vantage board includes a silicon implementation of the v-MP4280HDX unified video/vision processor. This board can be connected to a PC-based development system using its USB port, or can run in conjunction with an embedded Host CPU board.

Analogue, Mixed-Signal and RF Subsystem Design
Design services of virtually any analogue and mixed-signal subsystem from DC to 15GHz in Bipolar, BiCMOS and CMOS process technologies ranging from 0.5um to 40nm nodes.

UltraDevelop 2
UltraDevelop 2: actionable insights, multi-core debug, data science & visualization for SoC teams

CloudBurst Platform
Built for Hybrid Environments

The majority of companies developing ICs have significant investments in computing capacity in the form of on-premises datacenters. For efficiency reasons, c...

Seamless FPGA to ASIC Conversion & Volume Production Solution. The mcFPGA products are comprehensive multiple process node mcPLATFORM specially tailored to enable seamless migration from Altera or Xilinx FPGA (such as Stratix/Cyclone/Arria & Virtex/Kintex/Artix/Spartan) designs to BaySands ASIC.

Mi-V Embedded Ecosystem
With the Mi-V™ ecosystem, Microsemi with industry leaders, aims to increase adoption of RISC-V ISA and Microsemis soft CPU product family.

SSM - SoC System Manager
Virtualize SoC System Management using ChipStarts SSM SSM is a hardware-software subsystem IP which decouples SoC system management functions, such as power, security, error recovery, and boot sequen...

Storage Platform Solution
The storage platform solutions are not only demonstrated in SMIC 0.13um, 0.11um and 65nm process nodes but also being developed for SMIC 28nm HKMG process.

TriCore Development Platform
The Development Platform consists of the following basic elements: a GNU-based C/C++ compiler toolchain from HighTec with professional maintenance and services, the integrated development environment ...


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