15 "SoC Design Systems" IP

Arm Allinea Studio
High Performance Tools for Developing Arm Based HPC Solutions

Fusion Design Platform
Explore Comprehensively, Implement Convergently, Signoff Confidently Fusion - bringing together separate elements to create something even greater than the sum of the parts - is the defining ethos of...

OptoCompiler Platform
OptoCompiler: Making Photonic Design as Productive as Digital OptoCompiler is the industry s first unified electronic and photonic design platform that combines mature and dedicated photonic technolo...

GUC HBM2 Controller and PHY IP
GUC HBM2 IP is a complete solution for SoC design targeting high bandwidth applications such as AI, HPC, data centers and networking.

Magillem Connectivity System Integration Automation
Magillem Connectivity is the centerpiece of a powerful, intuitive, single source of truth design environment. It delivers advanced functionalities to address today’s challenges of complex SoC assembly...

Magillem Registers System Integration Automation
Cost-effective and scalable, Magillem Registers offers a memory map view of IPs and systems based on the IP-XACT standard. The Registers approach targets the traditional need

BitFlex-SPB-A7 - advanced hardware design platform
The BitFlex-SPB-A7, an advanced hardware design platform centered around the powerful Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA. This cutting-edge board boasts high-performance capabilities and a comprehensive set of perip...

high bandwidth memory (HBM) H-series memory solution
De-facto standard for graphics, high performance computing & networking

ORC5000 ASIC Platform for Low-Power
The ORC5000 ASIC's highly integrated design achieves significant improvements in power consumption for a wide range of applications. The ASIC platform is designed for highly complex, multi-channe...

SLIP-G - Standard Library of IP Generators
SLIP-G™ – In any System-on-Chip (SoC) design there are certain standard IPs that are nearly ubiquitous and are used across many designs.

SoC Compiler

Front-end SoC Creation Has Never Been So Easy

Through a unified database with different APIs, Defacto's SoC Compiler enables a cost-effective front-end SoC creation which...

Achitecture optimization of modular and distributed systems using standard interfaces
Interconnects Between Boards, Sub-Systems And Large Systems


The Innova Project and Design Management (PDM) Platform is a unique Design flow and resource management (EDA license & LSF based jobs) management tools.

It is intended for ...

Methodics IPLM - IP Management and Collaboration For Faster Chip Design

Managing the complete IP lifecycle is critical in semiconductor development. Without IP lifecycle management, you ll lack traceability and slow down development times. That s why it s important to ...

System Controller
The system controller core connects the system CPU to system memory, PCI bus, IO ports and external communication links.


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