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30 "Security Platform" IP

Device Secure Debug
The Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) is the IEEE1149.1 Standard Test Access Port (TAP) and Boundary Scan Architecture. Giving a full access to the internal system components of the device, the TAP inter...

eSecure : Single module for multiple security challenges
The eSecure IP is a complete standalone module that enables security applications by shielding the secret information from the non-secure application running on the main processor.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)
The HSM IP module is a Hardware Security Module for a wide range of applications. It is developed, validated and licensed by Silex Insight (partner of Xilinx) as an FPGA-based IP solution dedicated to the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platform.

Inside Secure Root-of-Trust
Designed to be integrated in power constrained microcontroller or complex SoC, Inside Secure Root-of-Trust Engine is the vault that guards the chip most sensitive assets and that establishes the platform security foundations.

integrated Secure Element (iSE) for multiple applications - Hardware Security Module (HSM) - Security Enclave - Security Subsystem
As part of Secure-IC s iSSP (integrated Security Service Platform), Secure-IC is able to provide integrated Secure Elements (iSE) that can act as trust anchors that protect the security assets of a de...

IPsec software toolkit
The Rambus IPsec Toolkit (previously QuickSec from Inside Secure) is client/server software for cloud and embedded security. It provides a complete software stack to build scalable IPsec VPN gateways ...


LABORYZR introduces you a ready-to-use complete embedded systems evaluation laboratory with engineering training. Both classes of analysis are covered: Passive (Side-Channel Analysis-SCA) and Activ...

Post silicon security evaluation tool - Analyzr
ANALYZR supports common embedded systems technologies, including: FPGA, ASIC or End-Device. It allows the security assessment of any type of implementation. This could be: - A cryptographic module:...

Pre-silicon security evaluation tool - Virtualyzr
Through the VIRTUALYZR tool we present an innovative way to verify the security of the design at the pre-Silicon level. Such an early stage verification of the security can be seen as new Electronic D...

Programmable Root-of-Trust Engine
Inside Secure Programmable Root-of-Trust features a RISC-V 32-bit CPU and is delivered with its application development framework.

Root-of-Trust Engine
Root-of-Trust Engine, formerly known as Vault-IP,is a Silicon IP developed to protect the SoC platform and its operation so it can securely boot SoCs and protect sensitive key material and assets.

RT-630 Programmable Hardware Root of Trust Security Processor for Cloud/AI/ML SoC FIPS-140
Rambus Hardware Root of Trust RT-630 is a fully-programmable hardware security core offering security by design. It protects against a wide range of attacks through state-of-the-art anti-tamper and se...

RT-630-FPGA Programmable Hardware Root of Trust Security Processor for Cloud/AI/ML SoC FIPS-140
Rambus Hardware Root of Trust RT-630-FPGA is a fully-programmable hardware security core offering security by design. It protects against a wide range of attacks through state-of-the-art anti-tamper a...

RT-660-FPGA DPA-Resistant Hardware Programmable Root-of-Trust Security Processor for Govt/Aero/Defense FIPS-140
Rambus Hardware Root of Trust RT-660-FPGA is a fully-programmable hardware security core offering security by design. It protects against a wide range of attacks through state-of-the-art anti-tamper a...

Securyzr integrated Security Services Platform (iSSP)

Secure-IC’s integrated Security Services Platform (iSSP) provides a complete end-to-end security solution to supply, deploy and manage a fleet of devices from the cloud.


Software security evaluation tool - Catalyzr
The security evaluation of a software implementation is crucial as most of the devices today are running several applications that manipulate sensitive information such as user identity or payment cre...

tRoot Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs)

The DesignWare tRoot Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) offer silicon-proven, self-contained security solutions with Root of Trust for a wide range of applications, including IoT, industrial control, n...

Verimatrix ProtectMyApp Service
Simply upload your final, compiled app for protection and receive a secured version back - ready to publish to the app store of your choice.

GEON Security Platform
The GEON™ Security Platform, the essential suite of hardware security IP, is the natural response to support design teams across a wide spectrum of chip designs and industries.

PUFrt - PUF-based Hardware Root of Trust
With PUF as the core, the root of trust provides a foundation of trust and security for the chip system. It also provides a 1024-bit identification code with a physical unclonable function and a true random number generator that complies with the NIST SP800-90B/SP-800-22 standard specifications.

RADIX-M Emulation Based Security Verification
Radix-M provides SoC system level hardware security verification leveraging commercial emulators for firmware and hardware security validation.

RADIX-S - Simulation Based Security Verification

Radix-S is used during design creation and verification to detect and remediate security issues in IP blocks and subsystems of an SoC. Its advanced information flow analysis helps teams identify a...

Hardware Security Platform
Our FPGA based Hardware Security Modules are offered both as IP Core and as a separate chip. The Enhanced Hardware Security Modules is extension of the regular one offering innovative architecture (pa...

nQrux - Hardware Trust Engines

Xiphera's nQrux™ family of Hardware Trust Engines offers ready-to-implement security modules for various security architectures. The nQrux™ family provides hardware-level trust and ...

QuarkLink - software-based IoT security platform
QuarkLink is our software-based IoT security platform that securely connects IoT devices to server-hosted apps on-premises or in the cloud. QuarkLink uses advanced cryptography techniques to integrate...

Fast, Compact, Ultra-Low-Power Cryptographic Tools
Quickly and easily embed our fast, small-footprint, ultra-low-power cryptographic solutions in your IoT devices.

Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey 400 - Root of Trust Meeting Automotive Functional Safety Standards
Anything that is connected to the internet is at risk, and connected vehicles are no exception. Every connected electronic component represents a potential entry point for malicious intrusion – into ...

PQCryptoLib Post-Quantum Software Library

PQCryptoLib (PQS-SW-CLB) is a generic software library with a C/C++ interface of FIPS 140-3-ready, post-quantum (PQC) and classical cryptographic algorithms. It can be used to design your own SDK, ...

PQShield - Post-Quantum Cryptography Processor

PQPlatform - CoPro (PQP-HW-COP) adds PQShield's state-of-the-art post-quantum cryptography (PQC) to your security sub-system, with optional side-channel countermeasures (SCA). PQP-HW-COP can be...

Verimatrix WhiteBox
Verimatrix's WhiteBox enables you to build, control and trust your own software crypto-security.


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