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352 "Multi Media Vision" IP

ARC AS200 Audio Family - Efficient Single/Dual Core Audio Processors, Optimized Codecs

Synopsys offers an extensive portfolio of audio codecs that are available for use with the DesignWare® ARC® EMxD and the ARC HS4x families of processors. The ARC audio codecs facilitate a range of...

ARC Processors for Audio

The DSP-enhanced Synopsys ARC® EMxD and HS4xD Families of embedded 32-bit processors are based on the scalable ARCv2DSP Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). The DSP-enhanced ARC processor famili...

Arm Mali-C55 Image Signal Processor
The Arm Mali-C55 image signal processor (ISP) provides the best combination of high-resolution image processing, energy efficiency, and unparalleled image quality for a wide range of IoT, embedded and...

Arm Mali-D77 display Processor
The Arm Mali-D77 is the second-generation premium display processor based on the Komeda display architecture.

Arm Mali-G76 GPU
The Arm Mali-G76 GPU is the latest Bifrost-based GPU for the premium market, featuring new, wider execution engines with double the number of lanes.

Colibri Video Codec - The future of AV over IP distribution


The Professional Audio/Video market moves rapidly to IP. The majority of the codecs developed for the ProAV i...

DVB-S2/S/T2/T/C Combo Demodulator IP
This is a combo IP core package for complete DVB-T, T2, C, S and S2 demodulator IPs. All these IP cores are extracted from a production chip and a silicon-proven IP core. The operation is like exclusi...

First-Generation Valhall-Based Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Mali-G310 brings premium Valhall architecture features to low-cost devices, including Command Stream Frontend and a completely redesigned and scalable execution and texturing unit for entry-level devi...

H.264 Audio & Video Decoder IP
The H.264 Decoder IP Core is a full-featured, easy-to-use, synthesizable design that is easily integrated into any SoC or FPGA development. The H.264 Decoder IP can be implemented in any technology. T...

HDMI 2.0 Tx PHY & Controller IP
HDMI Transmitter (TX) IP solutions are compliant with the HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 specifications, and provide the necessary logic to implement and verify designs for various applications. The power- and area...


New 'Immortalis' Flagship Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The Best Experiences Live Forever

Gaming Performance Unleashed

Immortalis-G715 is Arm's new flagship GPU, desi...

Immortalis-G720 - GPU based on Arm s 5th Gen architecture
The first GPU based on Arm's 5th Gen architecture and designed for flagship smartphones. The Immortalis-G720 offers improved performance and reduced memory bandwidth usage leading to better and m...

IP Suite for Premium Mobile Experiences
Over the last five years, we’ve seen CPU performance on smartphones increase an average of 20+ percent every year without compromising battery life. However, the same cannot be said for laptops, ...

LC3 Codec IP for Bluetooth LE Audio
This LC3 codec was designed as a low complexity communications codec within the Bluetooth LE Audio specification, to deliver high-quality speech and audio streaming, even at low data rates, overcoming...

LC3plus Audio Codec IP for Bluetooth LE Audio
The LC3plus audio codec is a highly optimized and highly efficient audio codec introduced for Bluetooth LE Audio, DECT and VoIP that dramatically improves streaming audio quality, reduces power, impro...

lightweight video compression codec
The VC-2 LD (Low Delay) codec is a lightweight video compression IP core with ultra-low latency,for ASIC/FPGA ready for UHD and 4K transport

Mali C52 - Image Signal Processor Solution for Intelligent Devices
The Mali-C52 delivers class-leading high dynamic range (HDR) image quality and state-of-the-art image signal processing (ISP) in real-time, and can be optimized for performance or area.

Mali-470 graphics processor (GPU)
The Arm Mali-470 graphics processor (GPU) doubles the energy-efficiency of the successful Utgard family of graphics products while maintaining performance. The Mali-470 GPU is the first Mali graphics ...

The Arm Mali-C52 Image Signal Processor (ISP) delivers image quality that is available in two configurations. Mali-C52 can be optimized for image quality or optimized for area. The Mali-C52 is a compl...

The Arm Mali -G51 is the latest offering in the High Area Efficiency line of Arm s Mali family of GPUs, the number one shipping GPUs in the world.

The Arm Mali-G52 is the second Bifrost-based mainstream GPU from Arm. Designed to bring premium visual experiences to the ever-growing mainstream mobile market, Mali-G52 provides heightened Machine Learning capability.

Mali-G57 GPU
Taking High-Fidelity Games Mainstream First-generation Valhall-based graphics processing unit (GPU) for the mainstream market. Increased performance enables faster device responsiveness, lets users p...

The Arm® Mali™G71 is the latest offering in the High Performance line of Arm s Mali family of GPUs, the number one shipping GPUs in the world.

Mali-G72 High Performance GPU
Arm® Mali™-G72 is the second generation Bifrost-based GPU for High Performance products.

Uncompromised Graphics Performance Play games for longer First-generation Valhall-based graphics processing unit (GPU) for the premium market. With improved energy efficiency and performance density...

Mali-V76 Video Processor
As the world moves towards UHD 8K content, we are ensuring our IP will support encoding and decoding for content on smartphones and other devices. The Mali-V76 supports 8K decode up to 60fps or four ...

Second-Generation Valhall-based GPU
Building on year-on-year improvements for Mali GPUs, Mali-G78 enables a variety of digital immersion use cases, particularly high-quality console-style gaming on mobile. The new ‘game-changing’ Asynch...

Second-Generation Valhall-based Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for the Mainstream Market
Building on the highly successful Mali-G57, Mali-G510 brings even more premium features to mainstream devices and offers the highest level of product configurability and granularity of any Mali GPU. M...

Third-Generation Valhall-based Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for the sub-premium market
Building on the high-performance roadmap for Mali GPUs, Mali-G610 enables high-performance gaming on devices with a more cost-sensitive design. The use of premium features, including Command Stream Fr...

Third-Generation Valhall-based Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for Premium Market
Building on the high-performance roadmap for Mali GPUs, Mali-G710 enables high performance gaming through game-changing features. The introduction of Command Stream Frontend and a redesigned execution...

VC-2 High Quality Codec
The VC-2 HQ (High Quality) codec is a lightweight video compression IP core with ultra-low latency.

Video Codec IP using RAW input (CFA)
The video IP cores using CFA (Bayer, Quad-Bayer) produces visually lossless video quality. The algorithm adds minimal latency to the system while it offers super-resolution.

Viper - OEM Board for 4K HDMI transport over IP
These boards are fully integrated boards that enable the development of ultra-low latency audio/video over IP products. The transmit and receive boards are productionready and reduce the cost of the system.

100 dB of SNR, 16-24-bit stereo audio CODEC with embedded regulator and cap-less headphone driver, including low-power mode
The sCODS100-LB-IO-N.15 is a feature-rich audio CODEC which provides the insurance of the best sound quality after integration into application processors for headphone.Its small area ensures a cost-e...

100 dB of SNR, 24-bit stereo audio CODEC with 8 ADC paths, an embedded regulator and headphone/line-out driver
The sCODa95-H1-LR_08 is a feature-rich audio CODEC which provides the insurance of the best sound quality after integration into Smart Speaker including Voice Activity Detection.It benefits from uniqu...

24-bit ADC 109 dB SNR low power and low latency 4 channels
The qADC109-SW3X-LR.01 is a mixed (analog and digital) Virtual Component containing four mono ADCs, and additional functions offering an ideal mixed signal front-end for low power, fast wake-up and hi...

24-bit pure digital audio CODEC with 100 dB SNR stereo PDM-to-PCM and up to 110 dB SNR stereo PWM DAC with Automatic Gain Control and ASRC feature
The YANZI-D-sDSA-MT1.01 is a pure logic Virtual Component (ViC) containing a stereo digital microphone interface with decimation filters, an ultra dense stereo PWM DAC and additional functions offerin...

4K multi-codec hardware IP dedicated for HEVC and AVC video formats
WAVE633 is a 4K multi-standard video codec HW IP that supports HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video codec standard. It provides 4K60fps@500MHz real-time encoding and decoding performance with a single-core ...

5Mpixel ISP IP - 5M pixel sensor support Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP
Chips&Media s Camera ISP IP – LEDA is the Imaging Signal Processing (ISP) targeted to be used in low light environment

8K HDR display processor Vivante DC9000
High-quality and powerful display processor

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