35 "Development Platform" IP

Arm Flexible Access

A New, Transparent Way of Working with Arm

Arm Flexible Access provides up-front, no-cost or low-cost access to a wide range of Arm IP, tools, and training. Experiment and de...

Arm Flexible Access for Startups

The Fast, Affordable, Low-Risk Path to Silicon Prototypes

If you're an early-stage silicon startup with limited funding, Arm Flexible Access for Startups provides no-cost...

Arm IP Explorer

A Simplified Approach to SoC Design Success

Arm IP Explorer is available to all hardware engineers designing Arm-based systems, ideal for SoC architects and system integrator...

Nucleus ReadyStart
The Nucleus ReadyStart platform brings together all the components required to develop devices that require hard real-time performance with a small footprint.

OneSpin - Certified IC Integrity Solutions to Develop Functionally Correct, Safe, Secure, and Trusted Integrated Circuits
OneSpin provides the most advanced and robust verification platform to address today s critical IC integrity issues.

Xcelerator - accelerate digital transformation
Xcelerator provides the engineering and manufacturing software, services and application development platform to blur the boundaries between industry domains. Companies can use this technology today t...

ZView IDE - ZSP Development Environment
The ZView Integrated Development Environment (IDE) features a debugger as part of the Eclipse software development environment. Eclipse is an open, industry supported, extensible, software development...

ADTechnology ADP500 5nm A53-based on Samsung Foundry
ADTechnology provides ADP500&trade,Cortex-A53 based SoC design platform on Samsung Foundry 5nm technology coupled with Interface IPs such as DDR, PCIe, USB. The platform can be further expanded for us...

CAN 2.0 & CAN FD Reference Design
It is a complete reference design for a CAN node subsystem based on the CAN-CTRL CAN 2.0 & CAN FD Bus Controller IP Core. It can be used for evaluating the CAN-CTRL core, and it enables the rapid development of CAN FD applications or device prototypes.

Codasip Studio
Codasip Studio is a complete set of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools for processor design and customization. The level of automation is unmatched on the market, and produces fast and efficient...

Collaborative IP Platform for Rapid and Economical Deployment of Chiplets
eTopus Technology partners with QuickLogic and OpenFive to create a platform of base IP that can be easily integrated by chiplet developers with minimal risk and reduced development costs. Initially, ...

GUC N5 ASIC Platform
The industry leading N5 ASIC platform aiming for High Performance Computing, AI/ML, and Networking applications, providing comprehensive N5 IP ecosystem along with advanced 2.5D package (CoWoS,InFO_oS) solution.

SoCreative!VI-A600 SoC development platform
Faraday SoCreative!VI™ A600 SoC development platform is based on ARM Cortex-A53 processor at Samsung Foundry s 14LPP FinFET process. It contains a quad-core Cortex-A53 and integrates with multip...

SoReal! Virtual Platform Service
To help customers shorten time-to-market, provides a virtual platform with IP models right after the system specification confirmed. It makes concurrent hardware and software development possible to reduce time to market effectively.

ACAP IP Framework for Multi-Camera Vision Applications

The logiREF-VDF-ACAP Video Design Framework enables Xylon logiVID-ACAP Vision Development Kit users to quickly utilize the provi...

ADP-XC7KFF676 FPGA Based Development Platform
ADP-XC7KFF676 is a multi-purpose development and prototyping board that provides rich capacity for evaluation of variety of AndesCore™ processors and AndeShape™ SoC platform IPs. It works ...

AI-Driven EDA with RapidGPT

PrimisAI revolutionizes AI-driven EDA with RapidGPT, a groundbreaking generative AI-based tool and hardware engineering game-changer. Our innovative solution empowers hardware designers with a natu...

logiVID-Z Vision Development Kit
The logiVID-Z Vision Development Kit provides system designers with everything they need to efficiently develop multi-camera vision applications on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 AP SoC. The complete hardware p...

Surround View DA logiVIEW-SVK
The logiVIEW-SVK Surround View DA Development Platform enables automotive designers to quickly start their new Surround View DA design.

Comsis MimoKit II FPGA Platform for MIMO Applications
The MimoKit II platform targets the evaluation, development and field deployment of extensively networked applications that require wireless connectivity.

Cortus Development Platform with Spartan-6 X75 FPGA with 1 Mbyte of SRAM
The Cortus Development Platform is an ideal tool for evaluating and prototyping the full range of Cortus APS 32 bit processor cores. It is also a vehicle for developing hardware and software for Cortus-based systems including multi-core ones.

The new eSi-ZM1 module from EnSilica is a small form factor System-on-Module (SoM) built around the Xilinx Zynq Extensible Processing Platform.

USB 2.0 Human Interface Devices Design Platform
The USB 2.0 HID Design Platform is a complete, integrated solution dedicated to use in wide range of USB based Human Interface Devices like mouse, keyboard or pen tablet.

USB 2.0 Mass Storage Design Platform
The USB 2.0 Mass Storage Design Platform is a complete, integrated solution dedicated to use in wide range of USB based Mass Storage Devices like portable flash memory device, digital audio player, ca...

BittWare SDK - Software Development Kit for BittWare FPGA Hardware
BittWare's SDK is a cross-platform collection of drivers, libraries, modules, and utilities that aid in debugging and developing applications using BittWare FPGA cards

Cortex M0 design for embedded controllers and intelligent sensors. - Raptor
Raptor is a full SoC reference design for IoT applications based on the Arm Cortex M0 or M3 CPU core targeted on the X-FAB XH018 process (180nm).


The Innova Project and Design Management (PDM) Platform is a unique Design flow and resource management (EDA license & LSF based jobs) management tools.

It is intended for ...

MAGIK2:i.MX6 Q-Seven Module with Carrier Board
Using Q7 standard for embedded modules, TESSOLVE EMBEDDED SYSTEMS introduces a series of ultra-low power ARM System-On-Module based on the NXP i.MX Family which is powered by ARM Cortex AP CPUs

This is a Comprehensive, Customizable, and Silicon Proven IP Solution for memory system design. It is a complete memory system supporting any combinations of SDR SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, Mobile SDR, LPDDR, Flash, EEPROM, SRAM and NAND Flash, all in one IP core.

Memory and Storage Component Selection
Cache, DRAM, Flash-based, Disk and stochastic quantity resource modeling

SFA 250A IP platform
This IP platform provides a framework to support a customer s own IP, which results in a faster time to market and lower risk. The SFA250A is aimed at Functional Safety (FuSa) applications such as Adv...

SFA 300 IP platform
The success of so many SoCs rests in their ability to process huge amounts of data or signals efficiently turning raw data into knowledge. The latest addition to Sondrel s family of IP platforms is a ...

SIP design for IoT using a Cortex M0 with BLE and Flash dies - Raptor SIP
Raptor SIP is an integrated system-in-package solution combining a customizable Cortex M0-based MCU based on the Raptor SoC design template with dies for low-energy Bluetooth and flash.

This is a free web-based interactive software that allows our customers to customize their SoC designs according to their exact specifications.

Tessolve System Design platform
In the embedded system arena, a certain depth of experience is what Tessolve brings to the foray, exposed to varied scenario, requirements and design related challenges.


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