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5 "Chip to Chip" SoCs

C2C Chip to Chip Link Inter-chip Connectivity IP
The purpose of inter-chip connectivity IP is to connect two different chips together to share computing resources, limit chip-to-chip latency, or maintain the highest possible chip-to-chip bandwidth. ...

FlexLLI MIPI Low Latency Interface (MIPI LLI) Digital Controller Interchip Connectivity IP
Arteris FlexLLI digital controller IP is the industry s first and only silicon-proven implementation of the MIPI Low Level Interface (LLI) specification. Arteris FlexLLI digital controller IP can con...

Innovative Ultra-High-Speed Chiplet Solution
Innosilicon INNOLINKā„¢ IP provides a leading-edge chiplet solution allowing massive amounts of low-latency data to pass seamlessly between smaller chips as if they were all on the same bus. Chiplets, d...

Nutcracker XSR Connectivity Chiplet

Core and analog logic may not always deploy at the same time in the same process. Maturing high performance analog typically takes longer in moving to next generation of advanced process geometries...

NuLink - Interconnect Solution
Eliyan s Interconnect technology built with standard organic chip packaging delivers the same performance as advanced packaging technology, and enables The Ultimate Chiplet Systems at a fraction of to...


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