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9 "Intra SoC Connectivity" IP

1-56/112G Multi-protocol Serdes (Interlaken, JESD204, CPRI, Ethernet, OIF/CEI)
eTopus designs ultra-high speed mixed-signal semiconductor IP solutions for high-performance computing and data center applications. Our 1-56/112Gbps ultra-high speed SerDes IP is adopted by global Ti...

1-56G-PCIe Gen5 ePHY Multi-Protocol SerDes IP - 7nm Low Power and Latency
Ultra-high speed SerDes IP, adopted by global Tier-1 network/storage/5G OEMs and major semiconductor companies. eTopus is the pioneer on PAN4 ADC/DSP-based SerDes, the first startup demonstrated 56Gb...

FlexNoC Resilience Package
The Arteris FlexNoC Resilience Package provides hardware-based data protection for increased SoC reliability and functional safety.

Scatter-Gather DMA - AXI4-Stream to/from AXI4 Memory Map Transfers
The Digital Blocks DB-DMAC-MC-AXI4-MM-STREAM Verilog RTL IP Core is a Multi-Channel Scatter-Gather DMA Controller that transfers data between AXI4 Memory Map and AXI4-Stream Interfaces.

CXL 3.0 Dual Mode Controller
CXL is high bandwidth, low latency interconnect lies between host processor and memory devices/accelerators or other network interface cards. CXL cards has same form factor as PCIE , and can be used ...

CXL Host Device Dual mode controllers
Primesoc s CXL IP supports dual mode of Host and device , integrated with PCIE Gen5 and well tested.

RAMLinx interconnect
RAM of any size and kind in your EFLX® array

1 - 33Gbps PCIe Gen1-5 SerDes PHY (AXLinkIO MR)
The AXLinkIO MR IP utilizes the silicon-proven AXLinkIO transceiver architecture for medium-reach and PCIe type of channel links.

Highly configurable Interlaken ILA & ILK
Tamba Networks offers a highly configurable Interlaken ILA and ILK core. The core is compliant with the Interlaken and Interlaken look-aside specifications, and targets FPGA and ASIC operation. The S...


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